Closet Cleanout Top Tips from Bless this Mess

We asked the fabulous Robyn Amott (aka the "Go to Girl"), founder of of Bless this Mess Organising Services for some expert tips to help anyone running a Closet Cleanout fundraiser. She also has an exclusive offer for our readers at the bottom of her article!

Robyn's Top Tips:

It’s only natural that our children grow out of their clothing at a rapid rate. After all they can’t stay little forever. With this growth comes the need to constantly keep their clothing ’age and stage appropriate’. Here are my Top Tips to help you and your children learn the art of decluttering and more-so the lifelong skill of learning to let go:

  1. Focus on one category of item at a time. This allows you to utilise smaller amounts of time, especially if you’re a busy family. Let’s use t-shirts as our first example.

  2. Group together all t-shirts, from anywhere in the house, which are relevant to the category and child.

  3. Assess the amount of content. Check for sizing to ensure they still fit.

  4. Discard any items which have simply past their ‘used by day’.

  5. Establish a limit on how many is enough. You may have set items for daycare or kindergarten vs weekend items. Our wardrobes provide us with a natural limit as to how many items we can store, so work within the space provided. Refrain from adding additional free standing draws or wardrobes where possible, as this only expands our limit and ability to hold onto too many clothing items.

  6. Get the kids involved! They often know, more so than us, what they like. There is little point in taking up valuable space in their wardrobe with items that they will simply never wear.

  7. Repeat for all other categories including: long sleeve tops, pants, skirts, shorts, shirts, dresses, shoes, pyjamas etc.

Maintenance: in order to maintain your wardrobe space it’s important to adopt one very important rule, it’s called the:

‘One in One Out Rule’. For every new item, within a set clothing category, that enters the home an old or non-fitting item needs to be donated on. This way you’ll maintain your spaces for longer, ensure that items within the wardrobe are worn frequently whilst also ensuring everything is still ‘age and stage appropriate’.

What more reason do you need to set aside some time this weekend?

Happy DeCluttering, Robyn, Bless this Mess Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @RobynAmott

Robyn is offering a free over the phone, no obligation, consultation to all our fabulous readers. Simply contact Robyn on 0407 757 466, stating the name of your school, childcare centre, kindergarten or group.

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