Cleanout Tips for Linen Lovers by "Bless this Mess"

Love linen but don't love your linen cupboard? Perhaps it's bursting at the seams? Or maybe you don’t have a specified linen cupboard in your home? Our ‘Go to Girl’ - Expert Professional Organiser, Robyn Amott – founder of Bless this Mess Organising Services has these Top Tips to help you declutter your linen, allocate the right home to store items and make the most out of this all important storage space.

And in case you're wondering.... yes, we DO accept linen in the Closet Cleanout program, as long as it's clean and not torn.

Robyn's Top Tips:

I love the fresh look of a room fitted out with all the accent cushions and decorator pillows. Yes I confess to staring dreamily in the Adairs windows. There is nothing dreamier than fresh linen and towels, and we could easily get carried away with the latest colours and trends. However, it’s important to stick to a limit. Believe it or not our natural storage spaces provide us with a limit on just how much content we can store. Sticking to these limits is the challenge.

  1. Group together all like items. Single vs Double vs Queen, kids vs adults vs guests/spare etc.

  2. Discard any items which have seen better days, past their ‘used by day’.

  3. Establish a limit As a general rule of thumb I work on the principle of one on one off per bed (linen) and the same per person for towels. You might consider a Summer vs a Winter set per bed?

  4. Holding onto additional sets that, whilst gorgeous and still in good condition, you no longer dress the bed in, takes up valuable space. It’s a waste – no matter how expensive they were. Donate these items on to someone who will truly appreciate and make use of them.

  5. Linen Rotation. A little thing we do in our house whenever a new set of towels are purchased, our old towels move onto rag towels; in turn the current rag towels are discarded or donated to animal shelters. Many of my clients do the same with linen. Older sets from home may go to the holiday house etc.

  6. Storage Solutions: Consider the size of your current linen cupboard as well as other storage in or near the bedroom or bathroom zones. If the linen cupboard is your only main storage space, do you need to allocate part of it for Seasonal Decorations or Camping Gear. If your limited on space, consider storing the kids bed linen in a lower draw within their respective rooms or a shelf within their wardrobe. Whilst towels can be stored in the under sink cabinet relative to the bathroom in which they are utilised. Just because it’s Linen doesn’t mean it HAS TO live in the linen cupboard.

  7. Make the most of your shelving space by folding linen in a way that utilises the depth of the shelf rather than the width. Rectangles are more effective than squares and allows you to zone the space more effectively. High stacks frequently topple over and make it hard to access the set at the bottom. Instead. adjust the height of your existing shelving or purchase additional shelving which allows you to group like items together based on colour/sizes. Group sets as its own individual pile which you can grab quickly rather than having to ruffle through multiple piles to find matching pieces.

Maintenance: Remember the ‘One in One Out Rule’ and before purchasing a new set – simply because they are on sale – consider first if you really need them or can wait until the next sale to refresh your lovely linen and fluffy towels. You need to be prepared to let go of one before bringing in another so as to maintain your limits, zones and the balance.

Happy DeCluttering, Robyn, Bless this Mess Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @RobynAmott

Robyn is offering a free over the phone, no obligation, consultation to all our fabulous readers. Simply contact Robyn on 0407 757 466, stating the name of your school, childcare centre, kindergarten or group.

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