Holiday Cleanout Tips by Bless this Mess

Expert Professional Organiser, Robyn Amott – founder of Bless this Mess Organising Services shares her tips to help anyone running or taking part in a Closet Cleanout fundraiser over the school holidays.

She will help you address those dreaded jobs, whilst getting the whole family involved without taking up all your holiday playtime. Who knows; you might actually have FUN!!! She also has an exclusive offer for our readers at the bottom of her article!

Robyn's Top Tips:

Holidays are a great time to regroup and reconnect with your home and its content, whilst preparing for the return to work and school. It’s a time when you can really focus on those bugbears that you just never seem to find the sink your teeth into.

  1. Give everyone a donation or garbage bag…set a timer for 10 minutes and get each member of the family to collect as many unwanted items before the timer goes off. Turn it into a game or challenge! Repeat as often as you like.

  2. To make it more systematic, select a category of item – i.e.: clothing, shoes, toys, games, kitchen items, lunchbox containers etc. Ask yourself – ‘Do I need it? Do I use it? 'Does it have a purpose in my life?' - or more importantly - 'When was the last time I wore or used it?'

  3. Consider multiples. How many of each category of item do I really need or use? Let a limit. Storing items we never use takes up valuable space within our home that could be utilised better for those items we do need. So take heart in the fact that they can be passed onto other individuals who do need and will use these items.

  4. As we move into Spring now is a great opportunity to assess what has been worn over the Winter season, whether it still fits or if it will potentially still fit next season. Make a list of any items that may need to be refreshed/updated. Out with the old and in with the new!

  5. It’s a great opportunity to rotate out your wardrobe. Having a seasonal wardrobe helps you save on space and makes the process of getting dressed each day a lot more time efficient and less stressful.

  6. Store out of season clothing in high/hard to reach storage spaces. This ensures you keep your main access areas relevant to your current needs.

  7. Assess the location of where items are currently housed. Ask yourself if it makes sense in the way you need to function within the space, are these items relevant to the space/room or cupboard? Where do I need to store (establish a home) which allows for ease of access and use?

  8. Consider frequency of use. The zone between our head and waist are what we call ‘prime real-estate’. This is where frequently used items should be housed, in accordance with each space/room. Seasonal or rarely used items should be stored in higher zones, whilst items of a mid-range are stored below the waist.

Happy DeCluttering, Robyn, Bless this Mess

Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @RobynAmott

Robyn is offering a free over the phone, no obligation, consultation to all our fabulous readers. Simply contact Robyn on 0407 757 466, stating the name of your school, childcare centre, kindergarten or group.

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