Tips to help you raise more money from your Closet Cleanout drive

We've created a list of suggestions and tips to help you promote your Closet Cleanout drive and make it as successful as possible:

  • Promote your drive using our flyer and poster available here for download and print for you to distribute to your school and community. You will also receive a poster with your collection bags.

  • Announce your drive to families/participants before handing out your bags in the school newsletter, app and Facebook page. You could even include some information in the parent info packs at the start of the year so that families know to hold on to their unwanted goods.

  • Use our template available here to create a letter to attach to each collection bag going home with students. Be specific about what you are raising funds for and what your goal is to help promote interest. If you've already run a drive, make reference to what a success it was and use the collection weight as a benchmark for your next drive.

  • Now for the fun part! To help get the kids excited, we suggest offering the following incentives or creating some of your own:

A voucher or prize for the student/s who guess the total weight of the collection (or the closest to it). You could even charge each student 10c a guess to raise even more money!

Hand out a raffle ticket for every bag that gets brought in then draw a prize.

A Non Uniform Day or icy poles to the class that brings in most bags.

Contact your local paper to see if they would like to feature a story on your drive - kids love having their photo taken! This might also help you get extra support if you're able to accept community donations.

  • Lastly, don't forget to communicate important information about what can and can't be collected and cut off dates to your families via the school newsletter, Facebook page, app or text service.

Pleased with your drive? We'd love to here your own tips so we can write a blog post to help other schools do just as well! Please click here to email us.


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